Research And Development Department

Research and development department lies at the heart of our vision to become a leading Health care institution. Research has high value to society. It provides important information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, functional abilities connected with our specialized doctors and technology, patterns of care, and health care costs and use. The department is also responsible longer-term activities in technology and improvements of hospital services.

Research Section as part of care

We have research active clinicians and nurses across our hospital, making trials advancing care and access to the latest treatments a core part of our clinical services.

Core support for research section

Supporting our brilliant investigators,(doctors) our research and development (R&D) department enables research to be performed safely, ethically and efficiently, allowing clinicians to focus on their patients and the research questions.

Our values

Our three values statements are:

Patients First

Patients and families will be at the heart of what we do and their experience within the hospital, and their perception of the Trust, will be our measure of success.

Working Together

Our health care providers will serve to our patients and co-patient and are crucial to our success. We have launched a leadership strategy that ensures our management and other departments are engaged in the day-to-day activities and have good cooperating with the R&D Deportment.

Always Improving (KAIZEN)

Our growing reputation in research & development and our approach to education and training will continue to incorporate new ideas, technologies and greater efficiency in the services we provide.

Importance of Research & Development Department.

R&D is an important part of the work of the National Health Service. However undertaking clinical research at Somali Sudanese Specialized Hospital (SSSH) will help the following:

  • Continues Innovation anddevelopment helps providing a systematic and interrelated chain of the services and products through technology with standard policies and procedures here in
  • Carrying out research helps provide evidence upon which we base our care and treatments and find new ones. We strive to give as many patients and staff as possible opportunity to take part in research here in
  • We support all clinical research activity across thehospital and region
  • The teamaims to provide a safe and friendly environment to deliver excellent service to our patients.
  • The work that is undertaken will support future changes in health care, help to generate new treatments and find better ways to deliver services and improve lives.
  • Here atSSSH, we generate a wide range of studies, including testing new case studies, new procedures and observational studies where we look at patients with a particular disease over a period of time.
  • We work with a variety of Organizations including other health care institution, universities and pharmaceutical companiesin Mogadishu.
  • Initiating and nurturing partnerships, networks, and alliances between and among institutionsand external stakeholders.
  • Building and implementing strategic services and collaborative resources that span across disciplinary and administrative barriers with in the organization and beyond.
  • Carrying out workshops, events, training program
  • Improvement, Enhancement, Encouragement & Innovating new ideas