1. Pediatrics

This department encompasses the Emergency Pediatric, Neotology and the OPD

The department under the guidance of Dr Mutawakil deals in the medical management, early detection and prevention of childhood diseases.

The Pediatrician and team of highly skilled team provide care for children with complex medical needs Dr Mutawakils  team  focus on the physical, emotional and social health of children, infants and neonates.

they see children that are at times very sick, both in out patient or inpatient department.

The Pediatrics department works closely with the Vaccine clinic which Vaccinates all children born in the hospital and participates in the Vaccine campaigns in eradication of childhood diseases that can be prevented by Vaccination

We are aiming to include Malnutrition clinic for the Malnourished children, as we have just started new Nutrition clinic to work closely with all the departments of the hospital as necessary.

The pediatric department has Neonatal ward which had incubators for the Neonate and premature babies, Photo therapy for jaundice babies and thermal therapy also this ward has specialized staff that only deal with very premature babies