1. Laboratory and Pathology  department

The department of Laboratory medicine and Pathology plays major role in the diagnosis of patient ailment here in the SSS Hospital we have fully equipped first class laboratory Department Our mission is to provide highest quality laboratory and pathology service to our patients, physician and others we serve,  choice for the health care providers in laboratory services. Our work is performed by highly skilled team of medical professionals who work under Dr Abubakar our chief Lab technician with a team of Pathologists, Biologists, chemists, Microbiologist and Lab assistance. Specimen is reciaved  directly from the patients whether he/she is from Out Patient Department, inpatient or referred from another hospitals. The department works 24 hours seven days a week all year round and it is divided in two section the largest section which deals with all services except Pathology which is out sources to Lancet Laboratories Main office in Kenya.

The department performs all required tests here at the lab including, Clinical Chemistry

Lipid profile, Electrolyte, Hematology, Parasitology, Hormones, Serology, I-Chrome Test

Coagulation profile