Dental Department

The SSS Hospital Dental has two Dental specialist Dr Dr Habiib Nadir azez and Dr Ali and one Dental technician Dr Aadil with extensive knowledge of dental clinical procedure, hygiene products and solution.

The team perform complex surgical extraction of partial and fully impacted teeth that require a surgical hand piece for sectioning of teeth and ostectomy

They treat Facial laceration intraoral laceration and refer fracture of facial bones to our resident ENT/Orthopedic surgeons

They are Skilled in Root canal treatment, tooth extraction, teeth restoration and fillings also Treatment of cavity and plaque.

The Dental department perform effective screening and consistently ensure the functioning and sterilization of equipment being used.

Our Dentist educate patients about preventative care and plaque control

We have two clinics one at the SSS Hospital In Hodan District and the other clinic is located in At close to Abuhurayra Mosque in Bakaaro Market in Howlwataag District